How To Make A Game On Roblox On iPad

Written by AlvinBlox

Published July 19, 2018

Is it possible to use Roblox Studio on an iPad?

It’s no doubt that playing Roblox is a hit on iPad – their app is in the top charts of the App Store every week, often reaching the top 10. Players have the freedom to play on whatever device they choose – Console, PC, Phone or Tablet. But what about developers? If you’re wondering how to make a Roblox game on the iPad, this article will cover how to do just that.

If you don’t already know, Roblox games are created using the Roblox Studio program, which comes pre-installed with Roblox. If you don’t have it, navigate to the Develop page on Roblox and you will be given a link to download it. This program is only available on PC and Mac, however, you can’t use it on iPad. We hope though, that in the future, Roblox will supply us with a mobile version of their developer tools.

But wait!

There is another solution to let you make a Roblox game on an iPad! However, it will require you to have a computer that you can remotely connect to from your iPad.

Install TeamViewer or another type of remote controlling software on your PC and iPad and connect to your PC from your iPad. TeamViewer will mirror your screen from your laptop to your iPad and it will allow you to control it by touching the screen.

This can be good for navigating Studio or checking up on a few things on your computer, but if you want the best experience I would recommend buying a cheap keyboard which you can attach to your iPad so that you can type scripts, for example.

A stylus pen may also be helpful. Remember though that moving the camera may be a bit glitchy, as you are running over a pinged internet connection and there will probably be a slight delay.


It’s certainly a hacky solution of how to develop a game on Roblox on your iPad, but it sure does work! Now you can make your own games from your iPad from wherever you are, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. How cool? Let’s hope that Roblox can become compatible on mobile and tablets “legitimately” in future!



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