How to script a Tycoon on Roblox

Scripting a tycoon on Roblox can be easy and advanced depending on your skill level. If you’re just a beginner, there are lots of different templates which you can use to start out, but if you’re an advanced scripter, you can even try and make your own tycoon from scratch! This article goes over everything to do with scripting a tycoon, and which templates are the best for you.

A tycoon is a game where you start off with a small business and you make money to expand your business to bigger and better levels. For example, you could have a grocery store tycoon where you take deliveries and sell produce on a market stall, then later on expand into a huge warehouse, making millions of in game currency. The great thing about tycoons is that they are very popular among the Roblox community. You can make a lot of robux from a tycoon because players are willing to spend their Robux in your game whether that be to buy cash or speed up the time of producing something.

You can create a tycoon by importing a kit from the Roblox Library, or you can script one from scratch! However, scripting a tycoon from scratch will take a lot of time, just to set up the mainframe which includes purchasing items and loading them in. The most popular tycoon kits are Berezaa’s Tycoon Kit and Zed’s Tycoon Kit. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have the right version of the tycoon kit so that you don’t have an outdated version which could break your game.

A good thing about these tycoon kits is that they should work with experimental mode turned off on your game, which used to be called having FilteringEnabled. Your game will be much safer and much easier to develop when you use a tycoon kit which is compatible with no experimental mode because it saves you hassle and time.

Once you get started with your Tycoon kit, there will be instructions inside of the model which you can use to help build out your tycoon. Did you know that some of the top tycoons on Roblox were built from kits? For example, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon and Mars Invasion Tycoon were built from Berezaa’s tycoon kit!

Personally, I love Roblox tycoons because there’s always something new to unlock every time you go back to play again and the games never get old.

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