Roblox How To Script A Tool

Scripting a tool on Roblox can be fun, because there are lots of different properties and variables which you can mess about with. I like scripting tools on Roblox because there are endless possibilities. You can make any type of weapon and you can customise your tools to do anything you want. Getting started on scripting tools can be difficult, however, and in this article I’m going to break down the steps so that you can script your own tool easily with little effort.

It’s best to use a LocalScript when working with tools because we are working on the client and gaining input. The client is the player on your end, on your computer screen. This client interacts with a big computer on Roblox’s end called the Server, but you don’t need to know that yet.

There are four main events which we use when working with tools: Unequipped, Equipped, Activated and Deactivated. Each of these events are able to run certain code when the action has been done. For example, when you equip the tool, you can execute some code. When you Activate the tool by clicking it, you can run some code too.

Unequipped – When the tool is unequipped, code inside the event will run

Equipped – When the tool is equipped, code inside the event will run

Activated – When the screen is clicked during the tool being equipped, the code inside the event will run. Note that if you don’t have the tool equipped, the event will not trigger.

Deactivated – When the mouse click on the screen ends, the code inside the event will run.

Creating an event is easy, all that you have to write is in this little code snippet below. You will obviously substitute in the name of your event depending on which one you want to use, but the rest of the code is the same for each one. You can also change the code inside the event to your needs:

Script a tool on ROBLOX

This is an event. Notice that the green text is a comment, so it will be ignored by the script.

By using these events, you have endless possibilities of what you can do with tools. Each event does something different and it’s interesting seeing them work, so why don’t you jump into Roblox Studio now and experiment with them?

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