Forgotten Your Roblox Password?

What to do if you find yourself locked out of your Roblox account.

How to sign into Roblox if you’re locked out

If you get locked out of your account then it can be very frustrating. A username, password and valid email address are needed to create an account on Roblox, and losing any of those login details can mean you end up not being able to access your account. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you’ll need to take if you find yourself with a forgotten password, username or email.

Forgotten your Roblox Password or Username?

If you have simply forgotten your Roblox account password then you can use the link entitled “Forgot Password or Username” on the login page, as shown below.

The link to get your Roblox password reset

On the next screen, you’ll have two options – enter your account email or enter your Roblox username, both options will mean an email is sent to your registered email address. Note the Warning message here, if you didn’t sign up with a valid (real) email address, then you won’t be able to use this option.

No e-mail? What to do

If you have lost your access to email, then you’ll need to get your password reset for your email account. If you have Gmail, for example, then you can use this link to reset your Gmail password.

Once you have regained access to your email account, you’ll be able to reset the password on your Roblox account, using the instructions above. It’s crucial you never lose access to the email account that your Roblox account is linked to and don’t ever use fictitious email addresses.

Also, always check your spam folder as your email to reset your password may have ended up in there.

Recovering Your Roblox Password With Your Phone Number

If you used a phone number to sign up with Roblox, then you can use that to reset your Roblox password. You can also use this method to be sent your Roblox username if you have forgotten it. Enter your country prefix and phone number, then click the submit button. You will receive a six-digit code sent to your phone. Enter it on the next screen then select Verify.

Contact Roblox Customer Support

If you’re still having a problem logging in, Roblox’s support staff can be contacted to deal with issues around logging into your account. Find them here:

Roblox support contact page

Is My Account Hacked?

Firstly, don’t assume that just because your password isn’t working, you have been hacked. Make sure you typed your password carefully, making no mistakes.

Sadly though, your Roblox account can be susceptible to unauthorised access but there are ways to minimize that risk:

  • Don’t use easy to guess passwords.
  • Password sharing – Never share your password with anyone, even friends.
  • Don’t write your password down. Memorize it instead.
  • Don’t share your email access with anyone. Someone with access to your email can easily use it to reset your account password.
  • Enable 2-step verification (2SV).

If you believe your account has indeed been hacked, contact Roblox support.

How long does Roblox support take to respond?

Roblox support will usually respond to help desk inquiries in 24-48 hrs, sometimes less.

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