Roblox Leaks

Written by AlvinBlox

Published December 8, 2018

Often on Roblox, there are sales in the online catalog which allow users to buy virtual items for their character at a discounted price. Alongside these price cuts, Roblox usually releases new items which can be limited edition. These limited edition items can be very rare and can be resold for Robux after they go offsale, which means users can make profit off of their items by reselling them. As there is limited stock of these items, Roblox users need to know which limited items are going to come out, what they’re going to look like and whether they should risk their Robux on it.

Many people leak these Roblox items to the world early through social media. It’s not known how they do this, but their leaks are accurate and detailed. The most popular leaker goes by the name of RbxLeaks . This Leaker posts item photos, titles, descriptions and item ID’s on his Twitter page.

These limited items can also be traded for items with a similar price and can turn out to be a good investment, so users are always wanting to know before a sale which items are coming out to see if they should save up their Robux for the items or not.

The leaker also leaks normal Roblox items which have been uploaded by the admins, so you don’t have to stay up in your timezone to see what is coming out and whether you like it or not. During the Easter Egg Hunt 2017, the leaker leaked most of the eggs early, so that users had a good idea of what they had to look for.

If you think that trading and selling limited items is for you on Roblox, then you should really check out the Catalog tab on your Roblox page at the top to see the latest limited items! Why not also try to trade with other users? The best place to seal a deal is Trade Hangout, a free game for BC users only by Merely (as only BC users can trade).

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