What Language is Roblox Scripting?

As you may know, computers are programmed to do things in languages. There are lots of different languages in computer programming, such as HTML5 or Python. In Roblox, the language Lua is used. You may not know what Lua is, so this article will explain what it is and how you use it!

Lua is one of the fastest scripting languages out there. Roblox uses a sandboxed version of Lua which prevents malicious code from being run on the client. The current version of this is Lua 5.1. Did you know that Lua was used in making Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? It is the number one scripting language for games across the world.

Lua is used in Roblox to allow developers to make their game more interactive. For example, you can take your game to the next level by making bricks move instead of just having them sit there frozen in your game. There are endless possibilities with Lua on Roblox and the best thing that you can do with it is experiment, if you’re new.

The best place to learn Lua is on my YouTube channel. I teach all of the basics in short, easy to follow along videos which are broken up into different parts and explain them in detail. Another place where you can go for Roblox Lua scripting help and updates about the platform is the Roblox Developer Hub.

If you have any issues with Roblox Lua scripting and you need support, you can go to the DevForum, where there are developers online 24/7. You can ask them a question about scripting or paste your code and explain your issue if you have one. There will always be someone online to answer your query.

Have a go with Lua in Roblox Studio and try to make something awesome!

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