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I love being a member! This channel has really helped me get better at scripting and taught me everything I know! It’s also great to get to know other developers!


Channel Member

Thank you so much for making this video, this series, and this channel.
i am getting some progress in my Roblox scripting, but without you I would be stuck on printing Hello world.

Josip Oreski

YouTube commenter

I love everything about being a member, you could speak to Alvinblox, listen to all of his sponsors, see exclusive content, you also can see what others have posted in #creations ! Overall, I would say this is a great place to find new people and make friends.


Channel Member

Thank you for this tutorial, it will help me make a cool game that could some day become big.


YouTube Commenter

Finished this video and I have to say great videos! I have watched all 10 and have a better understanding of Lua thanks!


YouTube Commenter

It’s great speaking to all the members and helping them with their scripting problems. It’s great fun getting to know the members and making friends.


Channel Member

I like the membership because Alvin is here and the community is epic
plus you get help and speak to the master himself.

LaLisa Manoban

Channel Member

You have inspired me to make my own game. Thank you for motivating me!

Chai Tea

YouTube Commenter

I love your tutorials! Really clear and easy to follow. Thanks!

John R

YouTube Commenter