How to Script a Menu on Roblox

Scripting a menu on Roblox can be tricky, but in this article you will learn what you need in order to create a great menu which will suit your game and will welcome your players once they join.

Firstly, you will need to design your menu before you script it. This means that you will need to insert a ScreenGui into the StarterGui service and then a Frame inside of that ScreenGui. This will be where you keep all of your GUI elements so that you can easily access them while scripting later on.

You’re going to then want to insert all of the ImageLabels, ImageButtons, TextLabels, TextBoxes and TextButtons which you will need into that frame. Customise the positions, sizes, colours and text of these elements so that the GUI looks how you want it to. Here is a quick run down of each GUI element and what it does:

  • TextLabel: A TextLabel is a piece of text which you can edit on your screen which cannot be interacted with. This means you can’t click it or change its text.
  • TextButton: A TextButton is a TextLabel which you can click. You can then customise what you want to happen when the button is clicked via the MouseButtonDown events in a script.
  • TextBox: A TextBox is a piece of text which you can change, for data entry. If you had a password GUI, you could use a TextBox for typing in the password.
  • ImageLabel: An ImageLabel is a static image which cannot be interacted with, like a TextLabel. You must use a photo uploaded to Roblox to see it instead of writing text on it.
  • ImageButton: An ImageButton is an ImageLabel which you can click. Like TextButtons, you can wire them up to events in a script so that you can customise what happens when it is clicked.

To edit the properties of these GUI elements, you will want to open the Properties tab. You can find this by clicking on the View tab at the top and then on Properties.

Once you have added in all of your GUI elements, you are going to want to script them so that they can be interactive. You’re going to want to use events and change properties in your script. Here are some of the main things which you will need to do in a menu GUI script:

You can find out how to do these things by clicking the buttons above. I’ve also made a menu GUI tutorial which may be helpful to you, if you want a visual explanation on how to do this. You may also want to learn how to use Events, Functions and Variables as this can make scripting menus easier.

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